I hate that I hurt you.. Would it have changed the fact she got the chance to touch you? Are we both wounded by life..

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I just wanted to share that with you.. And it’s a lot.. I need a break from school

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He makes me wish I was more..

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I woke up feeling over the bored thing.. Well I wanted to be. Then I saw snapchat and it just made me sad. I’m not mad anymore, I’m sad. All the times we sat and did nothing but I was just happy to be with him. All the times he left me to go do something he wanted instead. It all just came back to hit me. That it’s fine if he feels that way… I’m getting used to it. By old friends and now him and I become more antisocial everyday.

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Make It To Me - Sam Smith

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ben-walker: for more of my own photos :)
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Leave your lover, leave him for me

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This morning has been a good one.
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